• Missouri Withholding Tax Table Error

    Due to an error in the state's withholding tables, individuals who normally expect to receive a refund may not receive it and those who normally do not expect a tax bill may end up with one.

    •    The department has created a dedicated phone line ((573) 522-0967) for taxpayers who have questions about their 2018 return.
    •    Taxpayers who aren't able to immediately resolve their tax obligation may set up a payment plan, either online or by phone. Internet installment agreements can be accessed at https://dor.mo.gov/cacs/.
    •    The Taxation Division call center agents are offering abatement of penalties and are working with taxpayers to adjust balances for interest.
    •    The department won't impose penalties for underpayment of estimated tax, provided the taxpayer has paid at least 85% of the tax owed by April 15, 2019. The standard threshold is 90%.
    •    If taxpayers are still unable to pay their taxes after all traditional payment options have been exhausted, the department will evaluate if an Offer in Compromise agreement is an appropriate next step.