• Specialized Accounting Services-Business Consulting

    Do you work with an accountant, or a trusted business consultant? While your business is small and relatively uncomplicated, hiring an accountant who prepares your tax return and assists with basic accounting functions might work well. However, when it comes to needing someone to make the big picture decisions, you might need something more – a trusted business consultant.

    A trusted business consultant can help you look ahead to future opportunities. How can you minimize tax liabilities going forward? What can you do to plan for growth, or to plan for the succession of your business? How can you structure your various business entities to minimize risk? We can work with you to ensure you make business moves with intention and advance planning.

    We want you to view your consultant as someone who can guide you through any transition, no matter what it is. With the depth and breadth of resources we have with our over 50 years in business, we are confident we can help you. Additionally, we can refer you to other professionals like bankers, insurance agents, business brokers or other consultants with the expertise you need. Being proactive instead of reactive can save you time and money.