• Our History

    Richard K. Holt formed a CPA practice in 1960 with his secretary, located in Centralia, Illinois. Michael T. Patterson joined the firm in 1975. By January of 1977, Holt named Patterson an equal partner of the firm forming Holt & Patterson, LP Certified Public Accountants. In 1988, Holt passed away, making Patterson the sole stockholder of the firm. From the time Patterson began at the company, it grew from four employees to thirteen by 1989. Clientele grew along with the firm in the surrounding Centralia area.

    Due to geographic limitations, Patterson decided to open a second location in a larger, more populated area, St. Louis, Missouri. The second location opened in October 1989 with not one client in its books. Besides Patterson himself, there was only one full time employee at the St. Louis office. One by one, the client list grew.

    By 1994, Patterson made the decision to sell the Centralia office and concentrate solely on the St. Louis location due to its growing prosperity. In 1995, Chesterfield, Missouri became the home of Holt & Patterson, LLC Certified Public Accountants. Currently, the client list has grown to over 1,000 businesses and individuals.

    Many different types of businesses and issues are handled by Holt & Patterson, LLC. The firm specializes in managing small, family-owned businesses, but the clientele is diverse. In terms of sales, Holt & Patterson, LLC represents clients of over $100 million in sales to as small as under $25,000 annually.