• Disaster Relief Notice

    Dear client,

    There is a possibility you may receive a letter from the Internal Revenue Service as a result of taking advantage of the disaster relief deadline of May 16, 2016.  This is what the IRS is calling a “regulatory letter” automatically generated and mailed when a 2015 1040 return with a balance due is received after the original due date of April 18, 2016.  This happens because the payments are processed in a separate center than the returns. 

    The letter indicates if you already paid your balance in full prior to the date on the letter to “please disregard the notice.”  If you receive a notice such as this and you did indeed pay your balance due by the disaster relief deadline of May 16, 2016 you may ignore the notice.  Our office has verified the interest and penalties will automatically be removed once the IRS systems properly credit your payment to your account.  Please do not pay the balance due indicated on the notice.

    Please contact Holt & Patterson at (636)530-1040 if you have any questions.